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Counselling is an over-arching term used to describe many approaches to talking therapy.

A counsellor works with you and helps you address the life issues and challenges you are facing. Counselling is not about being told what to do or being given the “answers”, it is a process of self - discovery where the therapist uses a range of skills and techniques to facilitate desired change and foster personal acceptance.

At In-Mind we focus on the client as the expert and use an integrative, but predominantly Humanistic approach to our work.

Trevor has over 10 years experience of working with a wide range of challenges including relationships, work related issues, trauma, bereavement and loss, stress, anxiety and more.

He is also experienced at writing and delivering presentations and group training on emotional well-being as well as personal and organisational approaches to psychological health.

Therapy often takes the form of a fluid, dynamic approach to meeting the needs of each client. However, the more specific services In-Mind offer are detailed below.

Arguably the use of trance states to heal goes back throughout human history and evidence for this can be found in most cultures.

Therapeutic use of Hypnosis however can be traced back beyond the likes of Sigmund Freud in the late 1800’s.

Despite the modern image of Hypnosis being linked to stage acts and famous Mentalists it was historically used for pain control by dentists and surgeons and is once again becoming popular with people who wish to effect positive change in their lives.

Hypnotherapy can be used to work with a wide range of issues including IBS, stress and anxiety, fears & phobias and unwanted habits.

Contrary to media depiction, when you are hypnotised you are actually more aware and in control than you might imagine.
At In-Mind we offer a number of Hypno-therapeutic approaches from learning the power of relaxation and correct breathing techniques to self-hypnosis and advanced structured approaches.



Are you trying to cope with the stress in your life? Or perhaps run your relationships in a more positive way?

Do you manage a team that has lost its edge, or is bogged down with personal issues and not working together any more?

Whether on a one-to-one, group or organisational level we work with people to dispel myths and teach fundamental aspects of emotional and psychological well being.

Often we are told what we “should” do but no one ever explains why or more importantly how to live that life. We may know how we would like to live and the benefits of doing so but we feel stuck, there are not enough hours in the day, it all seems too complicated, we can’t break through.

Trevor has a wealth of knowledge and experience in this area, combining aspects of therapy with years of clinical experience and research evidence.

In-Mind offers training to individuals and groups on how to get the best out of yourself and others.

Mindfulness is a self practice which is based on the Buddhist meditation tradition, it is an easy to learn and highly effective way of gaining a new, healthy sense of perspective.

Trevor Pierce will teach you to practice awareness by focusing on your breath, then use this focus to be aware of your body and finally your surroundings and movements, in an open, non-judgemental manner. The power of Mindfulness comes from learning to let go of all the unnecessary thoughts, stresses and worries we carry with us each moment of everyday - after all how much of what you actually worry about ever materialises?

Trevor’s easy to learn technique can be extended to everyday Mindful living, giving you a sense of peace and acceptance that is hard to find in today’s modern world, freeing up your emotional and cognitive resources for those aspects that really matter.

Eco-therapy is a generic term used to describe a range of practices which seek to promote emotional and psychological well-being through interaction with the natural environment.

Human beings are physical creatures who have evolved as part of nature not separately from it, and many people believe that the further we move away from the natural environment the less healthy we become. This is why for many people the “countryside” is so attractive.

In-Mind offer you the chance to work in nature, with a fully qualified and experienced therapist. You may like to simply “walk and talk” or grow your skills and self confidence through one of our Bushcraft styled sessions.


Psychological Well Being Training

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Success is not the key to happiness

Happiness is the key to success

If you love what you are doing

You will be successful

- Buddha